A Guide to Belgium’s Blue Forest

A Guide to Belgium’s Blue Forest

Bluebells! Millions of them, it’s magical, enchanting, beautiful, it’s a sight not to be missed! The Hallerbos Forest also known as The Blue Forest gets its fame from the many bluebells (wild hyacinths) that bloom here every year during spring.

In this post, you will find everything you need to know for a visit to the blue forest. 

How to get there 

The blue forest, in Halle, is located about 20 kilometers from the center of Brussels. The easiest way to get there is by car or train. Keep in mind that it can get extremely busy and you may not find a parking spot. 

There is a direct train connection from Brussels to Halle, and it’s only a 15-minute train ride. Once you arrive at the train station in Halle you can either take the bus; on weekdays you can take the TEC number 114 to the stop “Vlasmarkt”. On holidays/ weekend you can take De Lijn number 155 to the stop “Essenbeek Mooi Vergezicht” or number 156 to the stop “Congo”. From there it’s a 15-minute walk to the entrance of the forest. 

When to visit 

The blooming season depends on the weather, but in general, the second half of April is the best time to visit the blue forest. You can follow the progress of the bluebells and when it’s the right time to visit here

Also outside the bluebell season, Hallerbos is worth a visit. The forest is amongst the largest of Flanders, and is the home of some giant Sequoia trees, making it a nice spot for a hike all year round. 

How to visit 

There are two marked paths that will lead you right through the heart of the blue forest. One starts from Parking 1 and the other one starts at Parking 8 both around 5 kilometers long. You can download the map here

There are three other hikes that you can do; 

The achtdreven walk; 1,8 kilometers, signposted by white/black marked poles.

The Sequoia walk; 4 kilometers, signposted by blue poles. This walk highlights the impressive pine trees in the forest. 

The reebok walk; 7 kilometers, signposted by yellow poles. This is the most adventurous one and takes you to most of the valleys inside the forest. About half of this trail passes through the bluebell area. 

You can get a map at the tourist office in Halle or download the map here

Stay on the path and don’t pick flowers! Walking between the hyacinths can prevent them from growing there the next year. There are many opportunities to get close-up pictures of the bluebells without getting off the path.  


1. The entrance to the Hallerbos is free. 

2. Try to avoid weekends. The best time to visit the blue forest is on a weekday. 

3. Bring enough water and snacks with you, there are a few picnic tables in the forest. There is one restaurant in the forest “t Kriekske” at parking 5. 

4. Stay on the path and don’t pick flowers. 

5. Wear comfortable walking shoes. After the rain, the tracks can become muddy. 

If you haven’t visited the Hallerbos in bloom yet, put it on your bucket list! 


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