About Us

Hello and welcome! Thanks for wanting to know a bit more about us. We are Michael and Omar, a couple from Belgium. We both share the same passion for traveling. Traveling is not only something that we do, but it became a part of us. Getting out of our comfort zone, discovering new places, learn about other cultures, taking pictures, trying new food, are the things we love the most about traveling. 

Besides traveling we also love to cook, wether we are cooking for our family’s, friends or just for ourselves, we always enjoy it. Seeing how different vegetables, meat and spices combine to give those delicious flavor, makes us really happy. We enjoy every bit of the proces, starting from chopping to baking.

For us cooking is a way to calm our minds. Going to the supermarket to collect the ingredients, preparing them and putting them together to make something delicious, puts us in a relaxed mood. We use fresh ingredients into our meals to make them healthier than having processed food. This gives us a good opportunity to learn about the nutritients in what we eat.

We started this blog to share our travel experiences, tips, pictures and recipes with all of you.

Hugs an kisses!

Michael & Omar