Chasing cherry blossoms in Schaerbeek

Chasing cherry blossoms in Schaerbeek

Goodbye winter, hello Spring!! 

It’s such a refreshing time! Sunlight streams in through the windows, longer days, and colorful blooms are popping up. We love this time of the year, and it’s the perfect time to go out for a walk and enjoy the wonders of mother nature. 

In April you can spot a lot of cherry blossom trees in Schaerbeek. There is something magical about these cherry blossoms, especially in combination with the many beautiful houses in the area. 

In this post, we will share our favorite locations where you can spot cherry blossoms in Schaerbeek.

How to get there 

The easiest way to get to Schaarbeek is by car or train. There are 4 trains an hour from Brussels to Schaarbeek and it’s only a 5-minute train ride. Another option from Brussels is by tram or bus. 

Avenue Huart Hamoir 

From Schaerbeek station, walk up Avenue Huart Hamoir that paves the way to the Sainte-Famille church (Francois Riga Square). This area is portrayed by huge roads with a grass field in the center, lined by lovely art deco houses and pink cherry trees. 

Rue Leekaerts 

Walk from Francois Riga Square to Rue Leekaerts in Evere (20 minutes). This little street near the Maison Communale of Evere is a huge pop of pink in a place that we didn’t expect. 

Avenue des Jacinthes

Walk from Rue Leeckaerts to Avenue des Jacintes which is also an interesting stop. Along the way, you will see some cherry blossoms here and there. Continue walking to Eugène Plasky Square.  

Avenue du Diamant

Once you’re at Eugène Plasky Square, the toughest decision is to choose where to start! A few avenues full of sakura lie ahead of you! In Avenue du Diamant you will see beautiful art nouveau and art deco houses.

Avenue Emile Max

Just one block from Avenue du Diamant, you’ll find Avenue Emile Max. Like in Avenue du Diamant it’s not only about the blooms here; there are some beautiful doors and facades that are waiting to be photographed. 
At the end of this street lies Place des Chasseurs Ardennais where a weekly market takes place on Friday afternoon. It’s a great place to hang out and buy some local products. 

Place des Bienfaiteurs

Not far from Eugène Plasky you will see cherry blossom trees lined up along the tram tracks on Avenue Rogier. Walk down Avenue Rogier to enjoy more cherry trees on Place des Bienfaiteurs. Place des Bienfaiteurs is surrounded by beautiful houses in art nouveau and eclectic style.  

Parc Josaphat

Walk from Place des Bienfaiteurs to Parc Josaphat. The Josaphat Park is also known as the green lung of Schaerbeek. You will enter the park through a pink cherry blossom arch and in a few seconds, you will completely forget that you are in the city. This is our favorite place as it’s the most fairytale-like spot. Parc Josaphat is also one of our favorite parks to hang out in in Brussels. 

You still have a little bit of time to go chase the cherry blossoms in Schaerbeek at the time of writing, but if you miss them, you now know where to go next year!

If you want to follow our walk, you can get the link here


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  1. Martine
    April 26, 2021 / 12:48 pm

    Hallo, dat is een tijdje geleden he.
    Wat een mooie foto’s, prachtige bomen zijn dat.
    In Schaarbeek zijn er toch wel mooie plaatsjes.
    En dan die huizen met speciale gevels 😍
    Echt mooi!

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