Floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan – Tips

Floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan – Tips

Floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan is one of the most unforgettable things we have ever done. You should definitely put it on your Jordan list. Even if you are not a beach person there is something about floating in the Dead Sea that makes it unforgettable. In this post, we will share our experience and some tips.

The Dead Sea

At more than 430 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea – bordered by Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank is the lowest point on Earth and contains about then times the amount of salt than a typical ocean does. It’s called the Dead Sea because no life can survive in it.

Some facts:

  • It is the lowest spot on earth at more than 430m below sea level and more than 390m deep.
  • It is not actually a sea but a lake filled with incoming water with no outlet.
  • It is the second saltiest body of water on earth with a salt content of 31%.
  • Egyptians used Dead Sea mud in their mummification process.
  • The majority of Dead Sea minerals occur naturally in our bodies and have health-giving properties.
  • The Dead Sea is three million years old but has shrunk by 30% in recent years (half a meter per year) because of evaporation and the demands of the potash industry.

Where to stay?

You can easily get to the Dead Sea from anywhere in Jordan. You can do it for a day trip and go to one of the public beaches. These beaches provide everything you need for a dip in the Dead Sea. There are showers, towels, and mud from the Dead Sea. This costs around 20 JD per person.

If you’re planning on spending one or two days there, you will need to stay in one of the big resorts that line the north of the Dead Sea. There aren’t a lot of budget hotels to choose from. 

Every hotel has a private beach, several pools, restaurants, and a spa. If you don’t want to eat in your hotel there is a shopping center at the end of the road where you can find a supermarket, some restaurants, and bars.

Our experience

We got to the Dead Sea from Madaba by Uber which took around 1 hour. We decided to spend the night there which we recommend.

We are not the kind of travelers that like to stay in luxury resorts but here we didn’t have any other choice so we just went with it. We stayed in the “Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea” and absolutely loved it. This resort was huge and the swimming pools out of this world. The view from our room was amazing. At night we could see the city lights of Jerusalem.

After we checked out all of the facilities this resort has to offer we made our way to the beach. At the beach, there was a lifeguard who explained to us the routine of going into the Dead Sea. Get in and float for 10 minutes, get out and apply mud. Let the mud dry. Get in for another 10 minutes. Rinse off in the shower.

We just couldn’t wait to get in the water! Once we started going in the water it felt like our body was being pushed up. We started laughing because this felt so weird and new. We just laid back and fully enjoyed this amazing experience. You can simply lie on the surface of the water as you would lie on a coach. It was just amazing! The water was warm and felt a bit oily which made this experience even more enjoyable.

Once we got out of the water we applied the thick, dark mud on our skin. The mud of the Dead Sea is well known to remove impurities and dead skin on your body. Another benefit of the Dead Sea mud is that the salt and magnesium in it can improve your skin’s functionality by making it a better barrier and more elastic. Most of the people are coming here because the water is magical. It’s said to heal all kinds of problems like psoriasis and osteoporosis.

We lied on the beach and let the mud dry on our skin. After 15 minutes we went back in the water to clean our bodies from the mud. While we were floating the lifeguard gave us Dead Sea salt to use it as a scrub. Believe it or not, it was the best scrub we have ever had.

Once out of the water we washed the mud from our face and the salt from our body by using the beach showers. We immediately felt that our skin was smoother than ever.

We stayed there till late afternoon. The rest of the day we enjoyed the swimming pools, food, and the entertainment at the hotel.


1. You can easily get to the Dead Sea from anywhere in Jordan.

2. You can go there for a day trip and go to a public beach but we recommend you to stay there at least 1 night in one of the resorts. Treat yourself!

3. Don’t shave anything at least 2 days before you go. If you have a little shaving cut or any other open cuts anywhere on your body it will hurt when the saltwater touches your skin. Cover your cuts with waterproof plasters.

4. Don’t wear jewelry! Jewelry will tarnish immediately when you go in the Dead Sea.

5. Wear old swimming clothes. After floating in the Dead Sea your clothes can come out discolored.

6. Don’t stay in too long. It’s not recommended to float longer than 20 minutes in the Dead Sea due to the salt you can get hydrated easily.

7. Avoid getting water in your eyes. If you get water in your eyes it can be very painful.

8. Shower after floating in the Dead Sea. Once you come out of the water your skin will feel dry, wash the salt off your skin by using one of the beach showers.

9. Protect your feet! Wear flipflops or waterproof shoes especially when you visit the public beaches. There are a lot of rocks with sharp edges.

10. Ask other people to take pictures of you.

11. Keep all your electronics away from the salty water.

12. Explore the area! The area around the Dead Sea is breathtaking.

Floating in the Dead Sea is something that we will never forget! It is one of those places that we want to go back to.

We hope that this post will help you to plan your trip to Jordan and the Dead Sea.

Let us know what you think of this post in the comment section below.


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