Our Bucketlist

Our Bucketlist

1. See the 7 wonders of the world

2. Sleep in the desert ✅

3. Watch the sunrise in Angkor Wat ✅

4. Island hopping in Greece

5. Learn how to dive

6. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

7. Gamble in Las Vegas

8. American road trip

9. Learn a new language

10. Float in the Dead Sea ✅

11. Spend Christmas on the beach

12. Spend New Year in New York City

13. See the pyramids of Giza ✅

14. Take a cooking class in Italy

15. Skydive

16. Walk the Inca Trail

17. Climb the Kilimanjaro

18. Swim with Dolphins

19. Make money from blogging

20. Take a trip in a helicopter

21. Put a note in the Wailing Wall in


22. Road trip to Scotland

23. Sleep in a castle

24. Visit Japan during cherry blossom season

25. Fly business class

26. Go to Coachella

27. Meet Lady Gaga

28. Go on a Cruise

29. Feed a kangaroo

30. Visit each continent

31. Go to Rio de Janeiro during carnival

32. See whales in the wild

33. Explore Hawaii

34. Go river tubing in Laos

35. Visit the highest building in the world ✅

36. See the Northern Lights

37. See tigers in the wild

38. See gorillas in the wild

39. Sleep in a treehouse

40. Visit all countries in the world

41. Go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras

42. Hike the Camino the Santiago

43. La Tomatina in Valencia

44. Go to every theme park in Orlando

45. See the Victoria falls

46. Volunteer abroad

47. Take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

48. Book a trip on the Trans Siberian Railway

49. Watch an American Football Game live

50. Zipline in the jungle

51. Swim with pigs in Exuma

52. Learn yoga in India

53. Reach our goal weight

54. Explore the Amazon rainforest

55. Backpack in Latin America for 6 months

56. See a shark in the ocean

57. Hike to Mount Everest Basecamp

58. Climb a volcano

59. Build a dream house

60. Adopt a baby

61. Be vegetarian for 1 month

62. Sleep in an igloo

63. Take a photography class

64. Quit smoking

65. Go to Thailand during Songkran

66. Go to India during Holi ✅

67. Go rafting

68. Sing karaoke

69. Send a message in a bottle

70. Snorkel in the Red Sea ✅

71. See Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

72. Learn how to surf

73. See the sunrise at the Borobudur temple in Indonesia

74. Visit Dracula’s castle

75. Visit an elephant sanctuary ✅

76. Visit Auschwitz ✅

77. Get a bamboo tattoo in Thailand

78. Visit Harry Potter studios

79. See baobab trees in Madagascar

80. See Lalibela in Ethiopia

81. Get married

82. Sit in the audience of an American talkshow

83. Visit Cologne during Christmas time

84. Go skinny dipping

85. Explore the Florida Keys

86. Smoke cigars in Cuba

87. Go on an African safari

88. Drink Guinness in Ireland ✅

89. Stand in Moscow’s Red Square

90. Run the New York marathon

91. Live abroad for a year

92. Learn about stars

93. Visit Santa Claus village

94. Attend the Super Bowl

95. Ride a husky sleigh

96. Learn to play guitar

97. See the Grand Canyon

98. Ride a Gondola in Venice

99. Backpack in Australia and New Zealand

100. Go skiing


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  1. Patrick
    January 22, 2020 / 2:45 pm

    Amaai! Jullie heb nog veel te doen ?

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