The Magical Troll Forest in De Schorre

The Magical Troll Forest in De Schorre

A walk in the forest becomes more interesting when you turn it into a hunt for 7 giant trolls. This green area is the home of Tomorrowland during the summer months, but it’s much more than that! 

In this post, you will find everything you need to know for a visit to the magical troll forest in De Schorre. 

Troll Forest 

At the request of Tomorrowland and De Schorre, Thomas Dambo brought seven Scandinavian trolls to life around the domain. These giant creatures are up to 18 meters high are all made of recycled material. 

The entrance to De Schorre is free and it’s open daily; 

May – September; 8 am – 6 pm during the week and from 10 am – 7 pm during the weekend. 

September – October; 8 am – 6 pm during the week and from 10 am – 5 pm during the weekend. 

November – March; 8 am – 6 pm during the week and from 12 pm – 5 pm during the weekend. 

1 April – 30 April; 8 am – 6 pm during the week and from 10 am – 6 pm during the weekend. 

The search for the trolls is only a 3 km walk but you can extend your visit with other activities in De Schorre. You can find a list of other things to do in De Schorre here.   

How to get there 

De Schorre in Boom is located about halfway between Brussels and Antwerp. You can get there by car or by public transport. 

If you go by car you will find 2 free parking locations at the entrance of the domain. 

We took a train from Brussels to Boom. We then walked 25 minutes (2 km) to the entrance of De Schorre. There are a lot of buses that can bring you to De Schorre. You can check which ones here.  

Una and Joures 

We started our search at the Visitors Center. The first two trolls we found were Una and Joures. They are friends for life and like to lay in the grass watching the skies crawl by telling stories about the past.  Una and Joures are extremely easy to find as they can be seen from the main walking paths around De Schorre. 

Kamiel and the Magical Tower 

To find the other trolls you have to walk up the hill behind Una and Joures, you will find a walking path. Follow the path along to the right and soon you will see the Magical Tower which is guarded by Kamiel. Kamiel can speak to animals because of his mask.

You can climb all the way up the tower for a beautiful view of the area and beyond. 


To find the next troll you have to walk back to the opening where Una and Youres are. The path will split again, giving you the option to continue straight ahead or right. Turn right and follow the wooden platform, soon you will meet Arvid. 

Arvid is a very attentive troll who likes to create new and beautiful things out of old, dead trees. She is really proud of her nose ring that she got from her great great great great grandmother.  We love her hairstyle! 


Turn left after passing Arvid. The path loops around a small lake, and there at the other side of the lake, you can see Mikil. 

Mikil is a strong troll, as strong as a dragon, and he is taking water from the lake with his bucket. You can get closer to Mikil but there isn’t a path that leads to him. Be careful! It can be very slippery. 


The path continues down through the forest, so follow that. The path will curve around to the right, make sure to look to the left as Hannes is sitting on the ruins of a building. 

Hannes likes to put pearls on a line for everyone to see. We love his beard! 

Little Nora 

Follow the path back round to the right to find the last troll. After a while, you will walk over a little bridge. Shortly afterward you will see a little side path to the right. Follow that path and you will meet Little Nora.  

Little Nora is the youngest troll and she is only a couple million years old. She loves collecting magical stones for good luck. 

We loved finding these trolls and hope that this guide helps you find them a little more easily! You can downlad a plan of De Schorre and the trolls here


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