Things that can go wrong at the airport – Tips

Things that can go wrong at the airport – Tips

Taking a flight can be stressful. You feel like you forgot something at home, you get stressed to be on time, you are worried about your checked-in baggage,…

There are a lot of things that can go wrong at the airport. Down here you find a list with the most common problems that can occur and how to deal with them.

1. Wrong airport

It happens a lot that people miss their flight because they are at the wrong airport. Most countries have multiple airports and terminals. 

Tip: Be prepared! Always double-check your flight itinerary before leaving for the airport.

2. Lost or stolen documents

Your wallet is stolen or passport is missing?  At this moment it feels like the world is ending. Don’t freak out maybe there is a solution. 

Tip: Double-check all your bags. If your passport and wallet are not there; block your credit cards, go to the police they will make up a document that you can use to travel to some destinations. For some destinations, you need a passport in this case you can contact your commune for a speed procedure to get a new one.

3. Baggage that didn’t arrive 

It happens that baggage doesn’t arrive at the destination, the most common reasons for this are strikes, someone that made a mistake,…

Tip: If your baggage didn’t arrive, make a complaint with the baggage handler of your airline at your destination. Always provide your bags with a tag with your name, telephone number and destination address on. We always take our essential items with us in our cabin baggage to make sure we can survive a couple of days in case our bags don’t arrive.

4. Cancelled flights

Unfortunately, flights can be cancelled, the most common reason for cancellations are technical problems. It is also possible that the cabin staff is sick, bad weather,…

Tip: When it happens that your flight is cancelled file a complaint with the airline company. You will get a reimbursement. Call the company call centre they will rebook you onto another flight to your destination. If the airline cannot offer a solution on the day itself than they have to provide you with a hotel room and some meal vouchers.

5. Overbooked flights

Every airline sells more tickets than there are seats. Most of the time this ends well because of people that come late, misconnections,…

During the high season, it happens that flights are overbooked with more than 10 people and that some of them have to take another flight because there are no more seats available.

Tip: If this happens to you than the airline company has to rebook you onto the next flight to your destination and you will get a reimbursement.

The airline will ask passengers if they want to volunteer and take another flight in exchange for a compensation. Sometimes it can be worth it if you have enough time and no specific plans.

6. Strikes

Strikes happen regularly. It can be a strike at the airport where you leave, strikes from air traffic controllers from a country that your plane would normally fly over. An airline company has no control over this situation.

7. Bad weather

Another situation an airline has no control over is bad weather. Some flights get canceled or delayed due to thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow. Also, some airports are not equipped for winter conditions.

8. Heavy baggage

Airlines are really strict when it comes to baggage. If you have extra weight or a piece of extra baggage you will have to pay for it. This can be very expensive.

Tip: Check your weight allowance and weigh your bags at home. If you have to check in an extra piece of baggage you can book it online, it will be cheaper than at the airport.

9. No place for your hand baggage on board

Sadly enough this happens a lot when you fly with low-cost airlines. If there is no more space onboard for your handbag it will go in the hold.

Tip: Be early for boarding or pay for a priority ticket to make sure you can take your handbag with you on board.

10. Passport/ visa problems

To travel to some destinations your passport needs to be valid 6 months after the arrival date. Depending on the country you are going to you might need a visa to enter the country. Sadly a lot of people don’t know this and can’t make their flight.

Tip: Be prepared! Do some research before booking.

We hope that you can avoid some of these problems. Have you ever had problems at the airport? Let us know in the comments below!



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