Things to know before you go to Cambodia

Things to know before you go to Cambodia

Cambodia hosts beautiful sights, delicious food, friendly locals, and cheap prices! Every person should visit Cambodia at least once to see it for themselves. 

Here is everything you need to know to make the most of your trip. 

Get travel insurance 

You really shouldn’t travel anywhere without travel insurance and Cambodia is no exception. If you get ill or injured, any medical treatment you require will be covered by your insurance and will be reimbursed. Some insurance policies will also cover you for theft, lost luggage, cancellations, and anything else that can go wrong during your trip. This will give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens you will be taken care of. 


Most visitors are going to need a visa. to enter India. You can get a one-month visa on arrival for 30 USD or you can apply for an e-Visa here

Weather and temperatures

The best time to visit Cambodia depends on what you are looking for. If you want to travel when the weather is at its best, then we recommend you plan your trip during the high season from November – March. Be aware that there will be a lot of other tourists during the high season. We were there in February and had temperatures around 30°.

If you want to see Cambodia all green and lush, then we recommend you plan your trip in shoulder season from July to August. You should know that you will also have some rainy days during these months. 

Lastly, if you want to explore the temples and other attractions without the crowds, then we recommend you to go between April and June or September and October. April and May are the hottest months and September and October are the wettest. 


The local currency in Cambodia is Riel, but you can also use US dollars everywhere you go. You can easily exchange money on arrival, and exchange bureaus and ATMs are widely available in larger towns and cities. 

Get vaccinated 

Before traveling to Cambodia it is advised to consult your doctor. Depending on your area of travel the doctor may recommend vaccinations like hepatitis, rabies, tetanus, etc. Most vaccinations are best taken before the trip. 

Get a SIM Card 

Being able to use your phone while traveling around Cambodia will make things so much easier. You will be able to look up directions on Google Maps, read TripAdvisor reviews before visiting a restaurant, check out travel websites on the go. When you arrive, getting a SIM card with data should be your top priority! 

Explore rural Cambodia 

The most popular places to visit in Cambodia are Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. We recommend that you explore the more rural parts of Cambodia like Battambang and Kratie as well.

The beaches are beautiful 

A trip to Cambodia can easily feature a week of relaxation on one of the beautiful beaches. Sihanoukville, Koh Rong, and Koh Rong Sanloem have stunning stretches of sand that are as good as anywhere in Asia. 

Getting around 

The easiest way to explore cities and towns in Cambodia is by tuk-tuk. 

If you are traveling regionally, be sure to use the bus network. There are many options to get to the major cities by bus. 

Learn about Cambodia’s history 

For such a vibrant and happy place, Cambodia has a dark recent history. Upon seizing power in 1975, the Khmer Rouge, under their revolutionary leader Pol Pot, began a murderous regime that lasted for four brutal years. 

If you want to understand present-day Cambodia, read up on its past before you visit. 

Respect local customs 

Cambodia is a Buddhist country, so Cambodians are modest and gentle people. Remember this wherever you go and dress appropriately, especially when you visit a temple. Don’t get angry or raise your voice, as this won’t solve anything. 


The Cambodian language is Khmer, which is spoken by 90% of the Cambodian people. Apart from Khmer, the English language is also used by locals. 

Don’t give money to children

Many of the children are sent by their parents to beg in the tourist areas instead of going to school. The amount they can make from tourists can be a lot in local terms. If you really want to help, donate to a local charity or school. 

You will fall in love with the people 

Be prepared! Cambodians have suffered unspeakable amounts of horror and pain throughout their history and yet, when you meet them and see them on the street, they will greet you with love and respect. Little kids will wave and smile at you, their mums will welcome you warmly and their dads will treat you with nothing but respect. We LOVE the Cambodian people! They are amazing and they are a huge part of what makes Cambodia so special. 

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